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My name is Pam, and I've worked at Condom Shack for 7 years. All I want to do is make the world a happier place, one crotch at a time.

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Help Condom Shack beat Cancers Below the Belt!

Condom Shack will be participating in The Underwear Affair Aug.28, The North York General Hospital's annual charity walk/run to raise money to fight cancers below the waist. If you'd like to join our team and walk with us, that'd be awesome! We'll be doing the 5k walk, wearing no's The Underwear Affair after all! If you'd like to donate, donations of any size will be accepted in store. Any donations that require a tax receipt can be processed online. Just follow the helpful links to join or donate, or drop by the store for more info!

Posted: 06:33, 2010-Jul-6

Condom Shack's 4th Annual Celebration of Great Canadian Beaver!

Join us for Canada Day at Condom Shack while we celebrate one of our nation's most beloved critters, the Beaver! Choose from our many Made in Canada products, Maple Syrup flavoured condoms and massage potion, or just come enjoy the dance party! Buy a treat for your Beaver, or a Beaver you love!

Be our Facebook friend and be a part of all the Condom Shack good times!

Posted: 10:35, 2010-Jun-29

Kudos to Kinsey

I’ve mentioned previously how bad I am at blogging on a regular basis and I won’t lie, I’ve spent any free time this summer lying in the sun, sitting on patios, and questing out pools for late night swims. I’ve found it harder than usual to get my blog on, but that’s not to say I don’t have lots to talk about. I think my biggest problem is settling on one thing at a time to get my rant on about. But now it’s fall, no more pool hopping for me, and I swear I’m going to do this more often.

A while ago, I saw an Oprah about ‘gay-ness’ that renewed my love of both Oprah, and something called the Kinsey scale. Alfred Kinsey was a doctor who pioneered a ton of research on human sexuality.  His clinical trials gave us much of the information we have regarding female orgasms, arousal phases, and sexual response. The Kinsey institute continues to research any and everything about sexuality; to give us safer, happier sex lives. (Liberation through education!)

This brings us to the Kinsey scale, one of the greatest tools for understanding human sexuality ever created. If you’ve ever wondered why some girls get drunk and make out with other girls...if you’ve ever wondered about the phenomenon of ‘on the down low’ (where straight men receive blowjobs from other men, but don’t consider themselves gay)...if you’ve ever wondered how people can have hetero marriages that last decades, only to ‘realize’ that they’re actually gay...the Kinsey scale will help you understand these seemingly confusing aspects of human sexuality. The Kinsey scale takes away the black and white labels of straight and gay, and replaces them with a vast expanse of grey (or, as shown in this image, shades of pastel).

Society in general loves to label people. Putting people in boxes is just what we do. What’s your age, race, gender, religion, sexual preference? Where do you live, what’s your job? Generalizing people makes them easier to understand, and easier to judge. But by giving people minimal choices by which to identify themselves, we alienate anyone who is not easily labeled. This leads to all kinds of discrimination, for all kinds of reasons.  I think that accepting that we love to put people in boxes is step one, giving ourselves as many little boxes as possible is step two. It doesn’t seem like humans are going to stop labeling and judging each other anytime soon, so let’s just make sure there’s enough little boxes for everyone.

For a painfully large (and politically powerful) part of our population, accepting someone they can’t identify with and understand is really difficult. Have you ever tried to explain to someone who is staunchly heterosexual, that a guy can suck a dick or two on his road to sexual self-discovery, and that doesn’t make him gay? It’s a hard sell. Luckily the Kinsey scale has one safe little box that is 100% heterosexual, just for those uncomfortable with the idea of a non-gender specific sexuality.

 It’s also common for people to identify with different boxes, at different times in their lives (which really explains all that college girl-on-girl experimentation). It’s accepted, even expected, that your tastes in partners will change over your lifetime. As you have relationships, you learn what you do or don’t need/like in a partner, and you grow from that. Why would this learning and growth be limited to one gender when it’s not limited by anything else? It’s not strange to date people of different ages, races, beliefs, careers, etc. over your lifetime. So why does that freedom stop at gender? I think the road to self-discovery should be as broad as possible, with lots of twists, turns, and sidetracking. I’ve never understood the mentality of limiting your human experience with arbitrary rules. By accepting sexuality as fluid, we can expand our horizons as sexual beings. You don’t have to define your sexuality as anything black or white, and you don’t have to define it once for the rest of your life.

Of course, some people will never have any confusion or curiosity about their sexuality. Good for them. Just don’t expect the rest of us to be the same, and my rights should not change with the gender of my partners.

The unfortunate reality of today’s society is that unless you identify as a ‘0’ on the Kinsey scale, your human rights can be compromised.  Basic human rights (like legal marriage, spousal benefits, adoption rights) are different for gay couples in many of the states. That makes this issue so much bigger than just understanding. It shouldn’t matter why, or how, or to what extent people are gay. It’s a reality, and like race or religion, it shouldn’t affect their rights. People are born their race, and choose their religion, but can’t be discriminated against for either. Why is homosexuality any different? I understand that for some people (extreme Christians for example) their ‘Truth’ tells them that homosexuality is a choice, and a sinful one. As much as I respect their right to have their beliefs, I do not respect their ability to affect the lives of people that are not a part of that ‘Truth’. A God I don’t believe in should never be able to affect laws that control my life.

Posted: 11:29, 2009-Sep-29

Come Celebrate Great Canadian Beaver with Condom Shack!

It's that time again! Every year Condom Shack has the 'Celebration of Great Canadian Beaver' for Canada Day. Drop by the store (231 Queen St. W) all day Wednesday, July 1st for a sidewalk dance party with our beaver mascot! Show your patriotism with maple syrup flavoured condoms, maple flavoured massage oil, or choose from our many Made in Canada products. There'll be fun and games...maybe even a round of Strippopoly. The party will get going in the early afternoon, and keep going until 8pm. We Canadians have a lot of sexual rights that other people don't, and we need to appreciate that and take advantage of our freedoms. All over the world people are denied their rights to love who, and how they want to. We live in a great city, in an amazing country where we are free to love how we want, marry who we want, and masturbate with whatever rubber replica we prefer (just google dildo+Texas if you want to see examples of puritan law making at it's most ridiculous) This Canada Day, remember that there's lots of reasons to be proud to be Canadian, but our sexual freedoms musn't be taken advantage of! Come get some treats for your beaver, or a beaver you love. P.S. It's totally legal for women to go topless in Ontario...I'm just sayin'...

Posted: 09:57, 2009-Jun-29

Toronto Star's Pride-Worthy Condoms!

Check us out in the Saturday Star! ( I gave them Condom Shack's top 15 condoms, and Toronto Star chose their top six. I'm not totally sure what 'pride-worthy' means, but it was a good opportunity to let the world know about Crown, Kimono, and Beyond Seven condoms, not to mention our wide array of flavours, textured, glowing, etc. (There was a misprint with prices though; ONE and Pleasure Plus singles are sold for $1.25 each, not $2) Nevertheless, it's important that everyone practice safe(r) sex ALL the time, not just at Pride. And that everyone be Proud ALL the time, not just at Pride. Everyone should feel comfortable being who they are, with whomever they want, EVERYDAY. Not just for a weekend, or the duration of the parade. And safe sex should be a rule with no exceptions. Not just with random hookups while partying, but also with the people you know and love. Just because you love someone doesn't make them STI free. Is it really possible to be too careful when it comes to your health? STI's can be deadly, and even when they're not, they suck. Babies are cute, but expensive, and a hell of a commitment. It's good that Plan B is out there for emergencies, but it won't save you from exposure to STI's. Let's have a Plan A...condoms.

Posted: 08:24, 2009-Jun-29

Just a Quickie...

This is just a quick update on the Xtra article (see my previous blog for original story).
The latest issue is out now, and features an edited version of my letter to the editor.
High-fives to Matt Mills at Xtra for giving me space to rant.

Posted: 09:28, 2009-Apr-14

We Thought Everyone Knew, But We Were Wrong!

Last week it was brought to our attention that not everyone knows about our teen friendly atmosphere. Xtra (a Canada wide bi-weekly paper) featured a cover article called 'Teens Get the Shaft in Struggle for Sex Toys'. The article was about how teens have nowhere to buy toys because they are banned from most sex stores until they're 18. Condom Shack is, and always has been, the exception to this rule. We have no age restrictions for entering our store. Check out the article (, post a comment, and tell Xtra all about how Condom Shack has been here for you.

 Below is my letter to the editor;

Teens Struggle No More! Condom Shack to the Rescue!

As soon as I saw the last issue of Xtra (No 636 March 12) I was instantly intrigued by the art, and headline. I then read the article and was disappointed in Andrew Innes’ apparent lack of research. Although it is phrased “most major sex toy retailers” the article goes on imply that there are no stores going against the grain by giving teens a place to buy sexcessories. Condom Shack is, and always has. Condom Shack is a Toronto landmark, we’ve been on Queen West for 15 years, and have always been known as a youth friendly environment (we even give a student discount!). We’ve also loyally carried Xtra for years, and that makes being overlooked all the more frustrating!

Our store credo is:

Condom Shack provides a comfortable atmosphere for anyone, of any age, or sexual orientation, to buy safer sex products and adult novelties”

As teens walk around our store we listen to them comment to their friends, ask each other questions, and give each other answers. The beauty of Condom Shack, is that as they give each other classic school yard misinformation, we step in and give them the real answers. One prime example of this; when the movie Superbad started the trend of asking for spermicidal lube, we took the opportunity to educate kids on the damaging effects of nonoxynol-9. We also explain things like, why you’d use a flavoured condom, why lube is good, and why ‘pulling out’ is NOT an effect method of birth control.

A lot of teens aren’t comfortable enough to buy a vibrator, nor would we pressure them to. But if they want to ask questions about them, or see how they work, or what they feel like, they can. They leave knowing that it’s okay to use toys, and we feel that’s an important part of our job. It’s what we affectionately refer to as ‘Rounding the Squares’ and we do it regardless of age.

We spend a lot of our day listening to kids (and adults) get grossed out by products we love. We hear ‘do people really buy this stuff?’ everyday, and ‘I don’t need that, I’m not desperate’. We hear guys who think anal play is ‘gay’, and girls who think using vibrators is ‘weird’. It’s difficult sometimes to not get offended by the ignorance, but most of the time a simple ‘don’t knock it til you’ve tried it’ changes their tune. In their defense, it’s hard to become comfortable with anything if you’ve never been around it, we all know that hatred stems from ignorance. Ignorance cannot become tolerance and acceptance without education. Sexuality, toys, fetishes, etc. can’t be off limits until you reach a certain age, at which point you magically become accepting and comfortable. I have heard way too many adults make childish comments to think that works.

We also gauge the maturity of our customers as they enter the store. If just seeing condoms and lube makes them say ‘eeww’, we know that they’re not ready to see a vibrator. When they’ve said ‘eeww’ twice we inform them that we have a 3 ‘eeww’ limit, and that if they find this stuff so gross they should probably wait for their friends outside. Depending on what they’re eewwing at, we ask them what they find gross about it, or simply say “I have that, it’s great!” Our staff is 6 friendly, youthful girls, who refuse to be ashamed of our sexuality. It’s hard to continue to be grossed out when confronted with someone not too unlike themselves, being completely unabashed about using whatever they’ve just eewwed at. Our goal is that people leave the store with a ‘whatever floats your boat’ mentality. Just because it’s not ‘your thing’, that doesn’t make it gross or wrong. Once you live within an accepting community, it’s sometimes hard to remember just how many sheltered, closed minds there are in the world. Our dream is to live in a world of safe sexual freedom for all, but alas, we do not…yet. Keeping our sexual habits as shameful secrets, is not the way to empowerment.

Accepting that teens are sexual beings is important. My problem with most of the people teaching kids abstinence, is that masturbation is not given as the logical alternative. As mentioned in the article (by Heather Corinna) encouraging the use of toys can discourage potentially dangerous sexual activities. I would rather a teen experiment sexually on their own, and with toys, then to jump in to physical relationships with other people. Dildos can’t get you pregnant, won’t give you an STI (as long as you keep it to yourself of course) and won’t break your heart.

People will buy toys when they’re comfortable enough with their own sexuality to do so. But letting them know that they are free to ask questions like ‘what is this?’ and ‘where does this go, and why?’ is an important step in educating teens. And it’s crucial in creating a future of open-minded adults.



Condom Shack

Posted: 12:41, 2009-Mar-28

My Two Cents on Gender Relations

  This blog comes with a disclaimer: It is written for the average straight girl, dating the average straight guy. Of course, there are many people that don’t abide by the average rules for relationships, or gender identity. There are also lots of sensitive, analytical men, as well as thoughtless women, but they seem to be the minority, so this rant doesn’t have much to do with them.

   This week at Condom Shack...CosmoTV dropped by to film some segments for their show ‘Oh So Cosmo’. They had me read aloud some ‘Cosmo Tips’ for ‘decoding your man’. Being that I’m not, in any way, a Cosmo Girl, I found the experience left me feeling a little dirty inside. Not to say that ‘stay off your cellphone’ and ‘don’t get too drunk’ are not helpful tips for girls on first dates, (because they really are) but, I felt the need to get my blog on, and give you my own two cents on gender relations.
    Have you ever seen ‘The Dog Whisperer’? His opinion is that humans treating dogs like people, is what leads to misbehaving dogs. Once you understand the psychology of a dog, (dominance, submission, pack mentality) and you treat a dog like a dog, your relationship with your dog will be better. I am not comparing men to dogs. My comparison is, the importance of working with our differences, instead of wishing our loved ones had brains just like ours. Women can only begin to understand men, when we stop trying to understand them as women. Accepting that we are intrinsically different beings, and understanding our differences is the key to harmonious relationships.*
   I fear that the main problem that women have trying to understand men, is that it’s hard for a lot of us to turn off the ‘overanalyze everything’ switch, and comprehend the simple logic that is the male brain. The fact of the matter is, when you think too hard about why (he would do whatever you’re mad about) you’ve already missed the point.
  I think it’s safe to say, that at one time or another, we’ve all sat wondering ‘why would he do that?’. We’ve wondered it alone in our rooms while crying along to Sinead O’Connor. We’ve wondered it aloud to our friends over coffee, or cosmos. We’ve bought books and magazines hoping to decode the ‘real reason’ he does these thoughtless things. What doesn’t seem to occur to most women, is that wondering why will never give us the answer we want. Mostly because, even if there is a valid reason for his actions, since it obviously isn’t what you would’ve done, it probably won’t make you feel any better to know it. There is also a real possibility, that there isn’t a ‘valid’ reason, other than instinct.
   Humans are animals, animals are creatures of survival. Since at the core of our instinct, women are nurturers, we need to have the ability to ensure our safety, as well as the safety of our offspring. This gives us an inherently more analytical brain. We think about what we’re doing now, and how it will affect the future, both immediate and long term. We need to ensure our long term survival, to ensure the survival of our offspring. For a woman to try to not analyse every possible outcome, of every situation, is against our nature.
  On the other hand, at the core of male instinct is immediate survival, and procreation. A man needs only to survive long enough to spread his seed. As long as he does that, humanity can continue, so his survival instinct has a much shorter forethought. He doesn’t need to analyze the future, or think of anyone’s survival except his own.
  It is this basic, human instinct that makes him do those things that drive you crazy. Those things that have you asking ‘why ‘, and ‘didn’t he think...?’. It’s why he doesn’t think about your feelings when he’s not with you. It’s why he forgets you exist when it’s play-offs. It’s why when he’s out with the boys, he ‘forgets’ to keep track of the time. His focus at any given time, is what to do in that situation, not what he’s going to do in the next situation. It’s why, when the boys are calling him pussy-whipped for leaving early to go home to you, his instinct is to keep the boys happy and stay. They’re the ones in front of him. It’s also why when he gets home to you hours later, he’ll apologize profusely. He is sorry, he doesn’t like that you’re mad, and now he’ll do what he can to survive this situation, now that he’s in it.
   I don’t mean this rant to excuse men from putting some thought into their actions, and thinking ahead a step, but I think it’s important that women understand that to do that, is not their natural instinct. It seems to be a stronger function within the female brain, to think outside of our current predicament, and foresee the future messes we may find ourselves in, depending on the decisions we make here and now.
   Of course, I know I’m over simplifying the complexity of human brains and emotions. But I really think by simplifying our approach to the opposite sex, it’s a lot easier to understand them.
   The effort needs to come from both sides. Stop assuming your boyfriend has the ability to know how, and what you think. Instead, try to explain to him how you think, and why you feel the way you do. Men, in return, would be well served to train their brains to over analyze more. To be able to comprehend what’s going on inside our minds, will give you a better idea of just how much we analyze you, our relationship with you, our relationships’ effect on the people around us, ...and so on, etc. (It’s exhausting living inside the female brain, that’s why we seek refuge in simplistic things like romantic comedies, and pop music.) If you guys put some extra thought in to your actions, and how they may affect us, you’ll be getting brownie points all over the place. And, if we women stop expecting the men in our lives to think and act like us, we’ll stop being continuously let down when they don’t.

*Accepting that we are intrinsically different beings, and understanding our differences is the key to harmonious relationships... I feel this is a statement that can be applied to everything; gender, sexual preference, sexual identity, religion, ethnicity, etc... By being intrigued by differences, rather than judging or fearing them, we can learn to enjoy our differences, just as we enjoy our commonalities.

Posted: 09:33, 2009-Mar-3

Valentine's Day Madness!

What a week at Condom Shack! It was a great week in the store, busy, busy, busy. It seems that everyone was getting romantic and/or getting lucky. We had one of our busiest weekends ever, so thanks so much to everyone who chose us for their Valentine's fun! The Condom Shack Girls were also busy representing at some of our sponsored events. Thursday night we Raised the Roof, and Cranked the Volume at the Kathedral, and had a hell of a time raising money to help the homeless. We were handing out freebies, and had some hilarious contests to give away gift certificates. Pamela Blow, the inflatable doll, was the belle of the ball, and even got to go home with some lucky guy at the end of the night! The bands rocked, and we all had a great time! I can't wait to do more events like this in the future. If anyone has pics of the tomfoolery, send them our way, we'd love to post them. Saturday night, we rocked the Punk 'n' Porn party at Annie's on Queen E. This little spot had it all; a DJ spinning punk rock, a huge screen showing porno's like 'The XXX-orcist', and several little tv's showing porn that looked like hot groupies, with hot boys in bands (my favourite). There was also a dance floor for those able to tear themselves away from the visuals. I was not one of those people...the movies were really good! Also, The Skin Tight Outta Sight Burlesque troupe had their Bump 'n' Grind Valentine's on Saturday, and The Cinnamon Hearts also performed this weekend. Both troupes were giving out gift bags donated by Condom Shack. For future shows we're sponsoring, check out 'Our Links', and join our Facebook group. So, all in all, it was a fun week at Condom Shack! Thanks again to everyone who came out to support us, by shopping at the store, rocking at the shows, or by ordering online. Our Job is Your Pleasure!

Posted: 07:03, 2009-Feb-15

Come party with Condom Shack for Charity!

Raising the Roof, Crankin' the Volume! This Thursday, (Feb 12) come to the Kathedral, support a good cause, hear some great bands, and get free stuff!

Also sponsored by Steve's Music and Adrenaline Tattoos, this is a Queen St. bash for all ages. All proceeds go to helping Toronto's homeless. Check out our 'Links', and join the Condom Shack Facebook Group to get invites to all our sponsored events!

Posted: 09:25, 2009-Feb-8

Make it a XXX-MAS!!!

It's almost have something special for your special someone?

Turn your holiday into XXX-MAS with help from Condom Shack! With only 3 shopping days left, we're going to make sure that noone gets stuck with another decorative mug, filled with various ciders. Condom Shack has gifts for just about any adult on your list. We can help you find the perfect toy for your partner, last minute stocking stuffers for your friends, and secret santa gifts for the office.  

The fun of toys at christmas doesn't have to stop because you're an adult, just don't forget the batteries! Our toys range from $7.99 (for a disposable vibrating cockring), up to $139.99 (for the infamous Rabbit). Within our vast selection of vibrators, we have dozens of toys for $20 or less, and lots more under $50. Make your gift memorable, and enjoyable. Bubble bath and candles are a nice gift for anyone you know that deserves time to relax, but add a waterproof vibrator, an you have given a gift of true relaxation and contentment.

If sensual is what you're looking for, Condom Shack also has a huge selection of flavoured/warming massage oils, edible body powders, and chocolate body paint. We also have games like 'Seduction' which comes complete with a blindfold, massage oil, and fantasy coupons.

If kinky fun is more your style, how about some fuzzy handcuffs, or vibrating nipple clamps?

Stuff a stocking with fun! We have great deals on bulk condoms and mini lubes. Mix'n'match flavoured and glowing condoms 6 for $5, or our favourite lubes 6 for $7. Or try our 'Super Fun Mixer Pack' ($14.99), 12 of our best condoms in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. What a perfect way to show your teens that you'd rather them be responsible than embarassed (or pregnant).

Need something silly for secret santa? Our wide selection of novelties includes everything from candy cane cockpops and edible undies, to boob salt'n'pepper shakers, and 'mackaweenie and cheese'. Sure, a boardgame like Monopoly is a holiday classic, but Strippopoly takes boardgame fun to the next level with three ways to play (x, xx and xxx for the really adventurous). Be the hit of your gift exchange with a hilarious adult gift!

Don't let the panic of last minute gift buying, turn your holiday into a gift card christmas. Come to Condom Shack, and make it a XXX-mas!

Our hours over christmas are;

Mon. Dec. 22 10am-10pm

Tues. Dec. 23 10am-10pm

Wed. Dec. 24 10am-6pm

Thurs. Dec. 25 CLOSED

Fri. Dec. 26 10am-6pm

Posted: 02:00, 2008-Dec-22

Take That Durex! Kimono Microthin REALLY are THE Thinnest Condom!

For as long as I've been at Condom Shack, I have been annoyed by the marketing of North American condom brands. The more informed I've become about condom manufacturing, testing and marketing, the clearer it has become that most condom brands put their sub-par condoms in a well thought out package. If only they spent all that time, effort and money to make their product better, they wouldn't need the  clever slogans and  buzz-words to convince you that their crap is the best. 'New' products are often found to be the same old condom in a pretty new box, and with every new 'her pleasure' product, I become more convinced that there are no women working at these companies.
It's also standard practice to use ingenious tactics to make bold statements about their condoms that aren't quite true, but aren't exactly lies. For example, "The #1 Most Trusted Condom" means only that you (the consumer) have believed previous advertising, and now trust this condom more than others on the market. It does not state that they're the 'most reliable', or 'the strongest' because neither of those statements are true. It also doesn't mention that this brand abides by the exact same testing standards as all other condoms made in North America, making it just as trustworthy as any other American made condom (even the brands you've never heard of).
Recently, Durex took bullsh*t marketing to the next level; bold faced lies. Durex Sensi-Thin condoms have been claiming to be "The World's Thinnest Latex Condom" despite the fact that Kimono MicroThin are, and always have been, substantially thinner. Mayer Labs (the makers of Kimono condoms) refused to believe this unsubstantiated claim, and went to the lab to get to the bottom of it. After testing both the Durex Sensi-Thin, and Kimono MicroThin, they found in each and every lot tested, Kimono MicroThin were thinner. With these tests (ISO 4074:2002) as proof, they went to Durex to call them on their lies. Durex responded that they are now in the process of "removing the claim that Durex Sensi-Thin condoms are the world's thinnest latex condom" from their packaging a promotional materials. This just goes to show, that unless you (the consumer) or us (others in the industry) notice that we're being lied to, and confront these companies, they will continue to lie and mislead us. It would be a wonderful world if those entrusted with our health and safety, actually had our health and safety as their first priority. These companies rely on you trusting their brand so that you never try any others, which would bring to your attention to the fact that condoms don't have to be 'like wearing a raincoat in the shower'. There are condoms on the market that don't smell like tires, don't irritate sensitive vag's, and don't strangle your dick, but you'd never know that if you'd only tried "Canada's #1 Condom".
Critical thinking and media awareness are important in all areas of life, but especially when it's a matter of life and death, extra attention must be paid to who's telling you what, and why.
At Condom Shack, we spend our time deciphering the marketing bullsh*t, so you don't have to. You can always trust that we have your crotch's best interest at heart. Our business has been here for 15 years because of honesty and education, not cleverly worded pitches.

Posted: 11:39, 2008-Nov-17

Sex Show Success!

The Everything To Do With Sex Show has come and gone for another year. It was sooo much fun, as always, and crazy busy! Now we return to business as usual and put away the 6' wang until next year....but we'll always have the memories. Oh yeah, and tons of photos. If you have photos of us, you, or your friends and our jumbo wang, send them to and we'll put them up for all to see.
I'm especially flattered by the out-pouring of Condom Shack love. Many times over the course of the weekend, people would excitedly tell me stories of buying their first toy from us, or how after using a Kimono condom, they'll never use a Trojan again. This is why we love what we do. Every night, someone, somewhere, is having better, safer sex because of us. Either that, or they're having a hell of a time alone.

In this time of economic uncertainty we are very appreciative of all the customers that support this small, independant, local business. We pride ourselves on our educated, helpful staff who are not on commission, but just want to make crotches happy!
 We also try to make our business decisions from an ethically and environmentally responsible place, using Canadian distributors whenever possible, and supporting small businesses. We are proud to carry Wicked Massage Potions and BangBang Condoms, both of which come from small companies in the GTA. We also encourage buying condoms in bulk (less packaging) and are now using paper bags whenever possible.
So thanks to all our loyal customers, and welcome to the new ones!! Don't hesitate to let us know how much you like us, or what we could do better.
Happy Humping!

Posted: 01:06, 2008-Oct-28


It's here, and we're ready! The Everything To Do With Sex Show weekend has finally arrived, and I couldn't be more excited! We just finished setting up our booth, and the show will be opening at 3pm tomorrow(Fri. Oct.24), and is open til midnite (Sat 11-midnite Sunday 11-6). This year, the show has been moved to the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place. It's an amazingly huge space, complete with a stage, cafe, and seminar rooms, not to mention tons and tons of booths. It seems like this year is shaping up to be our best yet. When you drop by our booth, you'll leave with freebies! With any purchase of $10 or more you get 'Manga Sutra', which is an amazing manga (japanese anime) book that has a great story, as well as sex tips and positions! This book is made available to you by the great people at Kimono Condoms! We have Toys For $20 (or less), our wide selection of high quality condoms (of course), and some novelties thrown in for fun. Come look, learn, play, drink, try and buy! Is there any better way to spend a cold, rainy weekend? Not that I know of. See you there!!

Posted: 07:33, 2008-Oct-23

We're Back!

We’re back and better than ever! Welcome the new! We’ve made some changes, and we hope you like them.  For your online shopping convenience, we’ve added PayPal Express. This speeds up the processing of your order big time!
You can also access a list of ingredients for most of our products. When shopping for lubes or massage oil, you can know exactly what’s in them and avoid possible allergens, or irritants (for example, a lot of scented massage oils contain nut oils).
 You can also check out the materials of different toys. If you’re concerned about phthalates, we have plenty of toys that are phthalate-free! It will say so in it’s ingredients listing. We also have toys that are 100% pure silicone, as well as ‘silicone’ which means it’s a blend of materials, including silicone.
We have a monthly special (this month it’s the Doc Johnson Lucid Dream #9) and new products will be entered on a regular basis.
 And I swear, I’m gonna get on this blogging thing. Fortunately for the store, (unfortunately for the blog) we’ve been really busy lately! After the madness of summer, and the insanity of frosh week, we now prepare for The Everything To Do With Sex Show! Oct.24.25.26 at Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place (go to for more info)
It’s what I look forward to all year long, 3 days of education, fornication, and voyeurism. If you’ve never been, come check it out! You’ll find booths selling everything from dildos on pogo sticks, to pretzel dips (it’s nothing sexual, just delicious dip). There’s fashion shows, seminars, contests and many, many scantily clad people having a really good time. You might even meet a porn star! It’s for 19+, it’s licensed and open till midnite on Friday and Saturday. It’s lots of fun, and we’ll be there, having a blast!
Come visit us at a mini version of our Queen St. store.Just look for the 6’ inflatable penis. I’ll be the girl riding it.

Posted: 02:56, 2008-Oct-16

It begins...

So, here it is. The Condom Shack Blog... giving us an opportunity to tell you all about what's new and exciting in the world of sex, and sex products. It also gives you a chance to get to know us, and what we're all about. Our store (located at 231 Queen St. W. Toronto) is a ton of fun, and we want our online store to be just as fun and informative!
Our primary goal is to give all people, of any age or sexual orientation, a comfortable atmosphere to shop and learn.
Check back often for new products to buy, and more blogs to read!
and don't be shy, let us know what you'd like to see at

Posted: 08:52, 2008-Jul-28