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My name is Pam, and I've worked at Condom Shack for 7 years. All I want to do is make the world a happier place, one crotch at a time.

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We're Back!

We’re back and better than ever! Welcome the new! We’ve made some changes, and we hope you like them.  For your online shopping convenience, we’ve added PayPal Express. This speeds up the processing of your order big time!
You can also access a list of ingredients for most of our products. When shopping for lubes or massage oil, you can know exactly what’s in them and avoid possible allergens, or irritants (for example, a lot of scented massage oils contain nut oils).
 You can also check out the materials of different toys. If you’re concerned about phthalates, we have plenty of toys that are phthalate-free! It will say so in it’s ingredients listing. We also have toys that are 100% pure silicone, as well as ‘silicone’ which means it’s a blend of materials, including silicone.
We have a monthly special (this month it’s the Doc Johnson Lucid Dream #9) and new products will be entered on a regular basis.
 And I swear, I’m gonna get on this blogging thing. Fortunately for the store, (unfortunately for the blog) we’ve been really busy lately! After the madness of summer, and the insanity of frosh week, we now prepare for The Everything To Do With Sex Show! Oct.24.25.26 at Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place (go to for more info)
It’s what I look forward to all year long, 3 days of education, fornication, and voyeurism. If you’ve never been, come check it out! You’ll find booths selling everything from dildos on pogo sticks, to pretzel dips (it’s nothing sexual, just delicious dip). There’s fashion shows, seminars, contests and many, many scantily clad people having a really good time. You might even meet a porn star! It’s for 19+, it’s licensed and open till midnite on Friday and Saturday. It’s lots of fun, and we’ll be there, having a blast!
Come visit us at a mini version of our Queen St. store.Just look for the 6’ inflatable penis. I’ll be the girl riding it.

Posted: 02:56, 2008-Oct-16

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