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My name is Pam, and I've worked at Condom Shack for 7 years. All I want to do is make the world a happier place, one crotch at a time.

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Sex Show Success!

The Everything To Do With Sex Show has come and gone for another year. It was sooo much fun, as always, and crazy busy! Now we return to business as usual and put away the 6' wang until next year....but we'll always have the memories. Oh yeah, and tons of photos. If you have photos of us, you, or your friends and our jumbo wang, send them to and we'll put them up for all to see.
I'm especially flattered by the out-pouring of Condom Shack love. Many times over the course of the weekend, people would excitedly tell me stories of buying their first toy from us, or how after using a Kimono condom, they'll never use a Trojan again. This is why we love what we do. Every night, someone, somewhere, is having better, safer sex because of us. Either that, or they're having a hell of a time alone.

In this time of economic uncertainty we are very appreciative of all the customers that support this small, independant, local business. We pride ourselves on our educated, helpful staff who are not on commission, but just want to make crotches happy!
 We also try to make our business decisions from an ethically and environmentally responsible place, using Canadian distributors whenever possible, and supporting small businesses. We are proud to carry Wicked Massage Potions and BangBang Condoms, both of which come from small companies in the GTA. We also encourage buying condoms in bulk (less packaging) and are now using paper bags whenever possible.
So thanks to all our loyal customers, and welcome to the new ones!! Don't hesitate to let us know how much you like us, or what we could do better.
Happy Humping!

Posted: 01:06, 2008-Oct-28

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