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My name is Pam, and I've worked at Condom Shack for 7 years. All I want to do is make the world a happier place, one crotch at a time.

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Take That Durex! Kimono Microthin REALLY are THE Thinnest Condom!

For as long as I've been at Condom Shack, I have been annoyed by the marketing of North American condom brands. The more informed I've become about condom manufacturing, testing and marketing, the clearer it has become that most condom brands put their sub-par condoms in a well thought out package. If only they spent all that time, effort and money to make their product better, they wouldn't need the  clever slogans and  buzz-words to convince you that their crap is the best. 'New' products are often found to be the same old condom in a pretty new box, and with every new 'her pleasure' product, I become more convinced that there are no women working at these companies.
It's also standard practice to use ingenious tactics to make bold statements about their condoms that aren't quite true, but aren't exactly lies. For example, "The #1 Most Trusted Condom" means only that you (the consumer) have believed previous advertising, and now trust this condom more than others on the market. It does not state that they're the 'most reliable', or 'the strongest' because neither of those statements are true. It also doesn't mention that this brand abides by the exact same testing standards as all other condoms made in North America, making it just as trustworthy as any other American made condom (even the brands you've never heard of).
Recently, Durex took bullsh*t marketing to the next level; bold faced lies. Durex Sensi-Thin condoms have been claiming to be "The World's Thinnest Latex Condom" despite the fact that Kimono MicroThin are, and always have been, substantially thinner. Mayer Labs (the makers of Kimono condoms) refused to believe this unsubstantiated claim, and went to the lab to get to the bottom of it. After testing both the Durex Sensi-Thin, and Kimono MicroThin, they found in each and every lot tested, Kimono MicroThin were thinner. With these tests (ISO 4074:2002) as proof, they went to Durex to call them on their lies. Durex responded that they are now in the process of "removing the claim that Durex Sensi-Thin condoms are the world's thinnest latex condom" from their packaging a promotional materials. This just goes to show, that unless you (the consumer) or us (others in the industry) notice that we're being lied to, and confront these companies, they will continue to lie and mislead us. It would be a wonderful world if those entrusted with our health and safety, actually had our health and safety as their first priority. These companies rely on you trusting their brand so that you never try any others, which would bring to your attention to the fact that condoms don't have to be 'like wearing a raincoat in the shower'. There are condoms on the market that don't smell like tires, don't irritate sensitive vag's, and don't strangle your dick, but you'd never know that if you'd only tried "Canada's #1 Condom".
Critical thinking and media awareness are important in all areas of life, but especially when it's a matter of life and death, extra attention must be paid to who's telling you what, and why.
At Condom Shack, we spend our time deciphering the marketing bullsh*t, so you don't have to. You can always trust that we have your crotch's best interest at heart. Our business has been here for 15 years because of honesty and education, not cleverly worded pitches.

Posted: 11:39, 2008-Nov-17

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